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Playground Inspections are a requirement of EN 1176, the European Standard for Play Equipment, and of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, 1974
There are four main types of inspection, which are progressively more detailed:
Routine Visual - usually daily or weekly
Operational - usually carried out quarterly
Annual Main Inspection - carried out every year
Post-Installation - before the site or equipment is used
I undertake operational, annual and post-installation inspections, and train others to undertake routine visual inspections.
I inspect playgrounds and play equipment for compliance with the requirements of EN 1177. I also check all other aspects of the site (fencing, paths, furniture, etc.).
Where faults or failures are identified I assess the RISK LEVEL of each, provide a PHOTOGRAPH and suggest a REMEDY, if known. The findings are recorded in a SITE REPORT.
I am the National Playing Fields Association's principal trainer in playground inspection, risk assesment and playground safety.
Telephone: 023 9283 9097
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